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Grow your business by offering printing and (optional) online image uploads

You could significantly grow your business and make more money by offering top quality giclee fine art prints, canvas prints, and photo prints. How? Your customers order from you, and you order from us behind the scenes. Our low prices mean a profit for you on every printing job.

Start printing and framing your customers' work, starting today!

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Why partner with us?

giclee abstract print
Unframed high-resolution photographic giclee print

We’re a fine art printing company located near Chicago, and we produce the very finest quality prints on a variety of name-brand papers and canvases, from 8x8 inches up to 40 x 120 inches.

As a small business, we care about your small business. We depend on each other, and that's why you'll get outstanding customer service with us.

You can easily partner with us, and enter the printing business—for free. You can get started now, or contact us if you have any questions.

Free promotional signage

print that photo banner
We'll print customized promotional banners and signage for you, for free!

We'll make free in-store promotional banners and signs for you, up to 40"x60", customized for your business.

Just contact us and we'll show you samples and get to work on producing materials that will help you sell more to your customers.


Optional: let your customers order on your website—for free

In addition to simply allowing us to print your customers' work, you can accept customer image uploads and orders on your site. We'll do the printing for you, rush you the prints, and you frame them, mount them, or sell them as-is.

screenshot of Image Uploader code
Place one line of secure code into your website, and you're in the printing business. (Code shown in box.)

It's easy to accept customer uploads and orders. All you need is a single line of secure code that you add to your website anywhere you want.

As soon as you add it, you're in the fine art printing business, and you offer free image upload on your website, too!

The code launches our tool called the Image Uploader, which works on any web site, any computer, any tablet, and any phone.


How it works, step by step

Follow these steps, and you'll be in business!

1. Get access to your website's code

screenshot of website code
Make sure you have access to your website's "back-end" code, so you can insert a line of code into it.

In order to add the Image Uploader code to your website, make sure you have the access needed to make changes to your site, like if you wanted to change some wording, or a picture.

If you’re able to log in to make changes to your website, great. Or, if you work with someone who does this for you, share this video with that person.

2. Create a free, secure account at

To get started, create a free, secure account for your business. When you register, specify an email address that someone at your business will have regular access to, as that email address will receive notifications that customers have uploaded their files to you.

3. Customize the Image Uploader's colors

screenshot of image uploader feature
The Image Uploader sample on your account page shows you what the feature will look like on your site. Click the swatches to change the colors.

Then, log in to Indigo Image Lab and click “Image Uploader" at the top.

Scroll down to near the bottom of the page and you’ll see a sample of what the Image Uploader box will look like on your website.

Click the “text color” and “background color” swatches and pick colors that match your website’s appearance. You'll see what the changes look like right away.


4. Get your custom Image Uploader code

screenshot of image uploader code snippet
Copy-paste the Image Uploader code (in the box) into your website, where you want the Image Uploader box to appear.

Once the image uploader looks good, scroll up to this box, which contains a line of computer code that’s customized for your business only. That's the Image Uploader code.

All you do is copy-paste that line of code into your website where you want the Image Uploader box to appear. That Image Uploader box is a little page on our site that’s really running on your site.

screenshot of what the Image Uploader looks like on a retail site
Here's a sample retail store's web page, and what the Image Uploader might look like on that page.

Where you place the code is up to you. You may choose to create a new page that advertises your new ability to accept uploaded files and produce prints, or you may choose to add this feature to an existing page. Either way, simply add the code where you want the Image Uploader to appear.

Once you’ve added the code to your website’s page, save the page so the Image Uploader is live on your site.

We recommend first placing the code on a hidden page that only you know about, so you can test it and see how it works. Once you're ready, then make that hidden page visible to the public.

Note: Security is our priority

diagram that shows the secure image uploader
Your security and privacy, and the confidentiality of your customers' information, are our top priority.

We want to assure you that the Image Uploader code is safe and secure. It communicates privately and securely between your website and our website only using TLS 1.2. All information is kept strictly confidential between you and us.

We do not, and never will, share, sell, or otherwise give any information to any third party. There is no social media code, no tracking code, and no analytics code in the Image Uploader. We will never contact your customers in any way. No ads of any kind display on the Image Uploader.

The images and information your customers upload are kept on our secure server that is not accessible to the public.

We cannot see the content or operation of your website.

5. Your customers' perspective

screenshot of selecting images
Your customers click the "Select images" button and select one or more image files to upload to you. The code works on any computer, tablet, or phone.

Now let’s look at what your customers will see once the code is live on your site.

Your customer navigates to a page on your website that you’ve advertised as the place to go to upload images to you for printing.

The customer sees the "Image Uploader" box, clicks the "Select Images" button, and selects one or more images on their device.

After they select the images, they upload to our secure servers and are displayed for the customer.

screenshot of answering questions
Your customers see the images they uploaded. They answer some simple questions about what they want, and click "Send."

Then, the customer answers some simple questions, like "What size prints would you like?"

Finally, your customer fills in some contact info and clicks Send. A confirmation screen then appears, thanking them for their order.


6. You get an email notification

screenshot of email notification
You get an instant email notification when your customer uploads their image files.

At that moment, you’ll get a notification email that shows what your customer uploaded and their contact info.

(Your customer does not also receive a confirmation email when they send their request to you. You may choose to send your customer a welcome or confirmation email yourself.)


7. Log into your account and review your customer's order

screenshot of my orders section of your account
Log in and click on "My Orders" to see all customer orders submitted to you, starting with the most recent one.

When you receive the notification, log into your Indigo Image Lab account, and click on “My Orders”.

You’ll see a summary of all customer uploads, separated by customer.

The screen shows the most recent order first. Each separate image is numbered.

screenshot of the show details function
For each order, click "Show details" to see your customer's contact info and what they're looking for.

Click “Show details” to see the customer’s contact info, and to read what the customer is looking for.

At this point, you haven’t ordered anything from us yet. When your customer used the Image Uploader, we placed that order under your account merely so you can see it and order prints from it.

If you have any questions about what your customer wrote, you should contact them to make sure you understand exactly what they want.


8. Order a print from us

screenshot of the message that appears upon reordering
When you "Order this print from us," read this informational message and click "OK".

Once you know what to order from us, click “Order this print from us.” There will be a short delay as the order is created.

You’ll see instructions on what to do in an on-screen message shown here.

Here’s why this message appears: our ordering system cannot read. It takes a human being to tell it exactly what you want to order.

So, click OK at this on-screen message.

screenshot of the screen where you have to click edit
After clicking "OK", click "Edit" to change this order to what your customer wants.

The item has been added to your cart, but you must not order it like this. Shown are more instructions and a repeat of what the customer wants, for your reference.

On this screen, click “Edit” to change the order to what the customer wants. It will take a few seconds for the order to load in the ordering system.

screenshot of the ordering system
Use the selectors under the image to order the print size, paper, and border you want for the job.

Now you're in our ordering system. Here's how to use it, step by step. In short, select the print size, select the paper or canvas, and select any border.

Once you’ve selected the print size, the paper or canvas, and any optional border, click “Update cart.” You’ll then see that item in your cart.


9. (Optional) Editing or deleting the item

screenshot of the shopping cart screen
When you click "Update cart," you'll see your order for us in your cart.

Now the item is in your cart, ready to order from us. You can click “edit” on that item if you like, to make further changes to the item.

If you want to start over again, you can safely delete this item from your cart. The original order the customer sent you will never be deleted.

If you do delete the order from your cart, go back to “my account”, and then click “Order this print from us” again to start over from the beginning.


10. Adding more prints

another screenshot of the shopping cart screen with green arrows
To add another customer order from their uploaded image, click "my account". To add your own print to your order with an image you'll upload, click "Get started".

We recommend that you combine multiple prints on one order to us, to save on shipping charges.

You can add an unlimited number of prints on one order, even though they’re for different customers. Each print will be accompanied by a quality certificate, with the customer’s name on the certificate, so it’s easy to tell which print is for which customer.

To add another order from a customer's uploaded image, click on “my account”, move to a different customer order you received, click on “Order this print from us” like before, and that different order will be placed in your cart.

As you did before, edit that item so it matches what the customer wants. Then, click “update cart”.

To add an order from an image you will upload, click “Get started” at the top of any page. Select an image to upload, select the options you want, and click “add to cart”.

When you’ve added all of the prints to your order, click “Check out”. Your information should fill in.

Then, scroll down and submit payment. We’ll get right to work and quickly ship your beautiful prints to you so you can get them to your customer.

We’re looking forward to partnering with you and growing your business, and ours, too!

Have a question? Please allow us to help you.

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