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How to use our easy ordering system

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Quick hints:

  • To order, upload one image at a time, select ordering options, then add it to your cart.
  • Then, do the same for the next image, adding each one to your cart.
  • Upload the highest-resolution image you have. Take note of any messages that your print may be blurry.
  • Be sure to scroll down and see the "Room View," and use the "Sharpness Checker" to make sure the print will be sharp enough to meet your expectations.

Video text

Hi, welcome to Indigo Image lab, this is Neil, and I’m going to show you how to place an order with our cool, 3D-enabled ordering system that works on any computer, tablet, or phone.

First click “get started” on any page, click “start my order”, then “select image”. Wait a moment for it to upload and process your image.

Let me show you around the screen. This is the editing window. Slide the image in the direction of the arrows to crop it the way you want. You can see what the final image will look like here, in the print proof area.Click the print proof area, or this button, to view a 3D sample. You can move the 3D sample around with your mouse or finger. When done, click “back to editing”

These numbers show you the final dimensions of the print in inches. This button lets you rotate the dimensions of the print.

Click the “zoom lock” button and the slider to zoom into the image, to crop it and position it the way you want. Click the print proof to see a 3D print proof.

The print options selectors are here. For an unframed print, click “print size”. Our smart ordering system has calculated lots of print size choices that minimize cropping of your image. You can pick one of them, or you can get your print at any custom size, from 8”x8” to 40”x120”

First, pick the left number. Then, you can leave the second number as-is, if you want to get your entire image printed with no cropping. Or, you can select the second number. When done, click the button to set the print size.

The arrow will show you if you need to slide your image to crop it.

You can get a border on your print. Just click “print border” and pick a border thickness. The smart ordering system shows you the color palette of your image, to make it easy to select a color that will look good. You can pick one of them, or click on the swatch to pick any color you want. Click the print proof to see what the print will look like.

To remove the border, click “print border”, then “no border”.

To change the paper, click “paper/canvas” and scroll through the list. To see a closeup of any paper, click on the arrows. The prices shown are for the print size you selected. To pick a paper, click on its name.

To get a wrapped canvas, click “frame”, then “get a wrapped canvas” Pick which size canvas you like. You pick the first number, and the ordering system will show you which dimensions will result in the least cropping. Pick the canvas depth. Then, click the button to set the size.

Click the print proof to see what the wrapped canvas will look like from the side. The system sets the sides to “mirrored edge”, but you can change the edge color to any color. Uncheck “mirrored edge” and pick an edge color. Click “see the edge of your canvas” to see what the canvas ill look like.

To get a framed print, click “frame, then “get a framed print” click a frame at the top to be moved to that frame. Click a frame to see a closeup of the frame. Pick a size. The price is complete, including the frame and the paper you’ve selected.

As always, click on the print proof, or the View 3D sample button, to see what your print will look like in 3D.

A great thing about our ordering system is that it lets you add a border to your framed print. Select the border thickness and color, and see what it looks like in the preview.

To see what the print will look like on the wall, scroll down, or click “room” at the top of the page.

I want to show you one more thing, our exclusive Sharpness Checker. This shows you what a 5x5 inch section of your print will look like. It intelligently changes based on your print size. It lets you see how blurry or sharp your print will look up close, which can be helpful when you’re ordering large print sizes. Use these arrows to move around your print. The arrows here are just to let you move around the sharpness checker, and that’s all. They do not change anything about the print you’ve selected. The print proof here accurately shows what your print will look like.

When everything looks good, click “Add to cart”.

To make changes to your print, click “edit”.

You can keep adding prints to your cart, or you can check out.

If you have any questions, click Help.

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