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What's new?

Latest updates 11/27/2021:

Postage is being adjusted.

  • Lower postage to "remote areas". UPS charges extra to deliver to very remote, rural areas, far from a city with a substantial population. They call this their "extended area surcharge," also known as "delivery area surcharge extended." It used to result in a UPS Ground fee of $16.95, but that's now $14.95, due to a better negotiated rate.
  • UPS Ground is now $12.95 (up from $11.95) to Western states only. This is due to UPS Ground postage increases to California, Oregon, Washington state, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.
  • All other postage is the same. UPS Ground shipping is still free for orders $79 and up. No change to any other postage except for UPS Ground.

From 10/29/2021:

We upgraded the hardware and software that runs the site, so you have a better experience! Here's what that means:

  • Upload PNGs and JPGs only. For a faster, trouble-free upload experience, TIFF files are no longer supported. If you previously uploaded TIFF files to us, save your images as PNG files instead, and upload those. PNG files result in identical image quality, and they can be much smaller, saving time when uploading. If you don't see the option to save your file as a PNG, then you're probably working in CMYK color in your image editing program. Switch the color mode to RGB, and then you'll be able to save your image as a PNG. Here's more info on saving PNG files.
  • Nothing changes with JPGs. You don't need to upload .png files—you can still (and will always be able to) upload .jpg and .jpeg files like you always have. Files with large pixel dimensions that used to "hang" or "freeze" will now work!
  • Improved file upload and processing. Some customers experienced delays and "hangs" when uploading large files or files with large pixel dimensions. File processing is faster, and the site now accepts files up to 18,000 x 18,000 pixels.
  • Multi-invoice payment bug fix. Selecting multiple invoices for payment works correctly now.

Earlier updates:

  • Big postage price cut! UPS 2nd Day Air is now $29.95 instead of $39.95. Note: Look at the UPS map about halfway down our shipping page. Don't waste money on 2nd Day Air if the destination address is already within the 1 or 2 day zones shown.
  • USPS First Class Package service is now $5.99 or $6.99.
  • UPS Ground stays the same.
  • Shipping is still free on orders $79 and up.
  • All printing prices stay the same.

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