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Download a test image

small image of our test print

To download our test image, right-click on either or both of these links and choose the "download image" or "save link" (or similar-functioning) options:

.JPG version (maximum quality), AdobeRGB color space

.TIF version (compressed), AdobeRGB color space

Why download our test image

Reason 1: color comparison. Downloading and then ordering a proof of our test image will let you make helpful comparisons between your monitor and printer and our printers. You'll be able to see any differences between your prints and our prints.

The ideal situation is the following: You have a good-quality calibrated monitor. You have a photo printer filled with genuine ink and that has more than 4 ink colors. You are using the correct ICM profile and printing to paper that matches that ICM profile. If all of those things are in place, you should find that our print of the test image matches very, very closely with your print. Be sure to read about color matching issues to find out why Indigo Image Lab (or any printer) can never absolutely guarantee that our colors will always match your colors.

Reason 2: color calibration. Download and print a test image. Here's a description of the test image in words, to help you make sure your monitor and printers are calibrated correctly:

  • Top image of a valley: Left of the image, below center, you should be able to clearly see dark green treetops. At the top of the image, along the mountain line, you should see clear detail in the clouds near the mountain line. (Some of the clouds are blown out at the very top and top right.)
  • Middle image of people: Skin tones should appear natural and smooth with no banding whatever. You should be able to see the skin of the very top of the center model's body between her shoulders and her neck, from the cheek of the left model (the one with the green headscarf) to the chin of the right model, just behind the center model's necklace.
  • Bottom image of abandoned house: The image should be completely neutral gray with no color cast. The open portion of the center window on the second floor should be pure black. You should be able to see complete detail of all of the wood siding on the right part of the house, in the shadow just to the right of the right-hand satellite dish, going all the way to the ground. You should be able to see all the detail of the scalloped siding at the large top gables (big upside-down V shapes) of the house. You should see power lines stretching behind the left of the house against the sky. You should be able to see almost all of the detail in the overgrowth at the bottom left of the image.

If you have any questions, please let us help you!

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