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Signature required for certain orders

If your order is over $500, someone must be present to receive and sign for your order. This requirement is to protect you from thieves who might steal your work.

When someone signs for your order, it is considered delivered and received by you. We will not reprint, redo, or refund the order if you state that you never received the order after the USPS tracking system shows it was delivered and someone signed for it.

Waiving the signature requirement

If you wish us to send the order without requiring a signature, follow these steps. Please note that if you follow these steps, we will not reprint, redo, or refund the order if USPS shows it was delivered, even if you state that you never received it.

  1. Place the order and complete payment.
  2. You must complete step #3 (below) immediately. Many orders are completed and shipped very quickly, and we must receive the message in step #3 before we ship your order.
  3. Immediately contact us with the order number and state the following: "I direct you to deliver order [replace with your order number] to [replace with your full address] without delivery confirmation. I understand that I will be responsible for the full cost of redoing and reshipping the order if the USPS tracking system states it was delivered and I never receive it."
  4. We'll send you a confirmation response.


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