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Shipping information

Low-price shipping for lightweight orders

You can select USPS First Class Package shipping for print orders that don't weigh much, like a few 8x10's or 12x18's, etc. (Framed prints and canvases cannot ship via USPS First Class Package.) The ordering system calculates the weight of your prints and automatically offers you the USPS First Class Package option when possible.

Note: With USPS First Class Package service, your prints might take 1-3 weeks or longer to arrive. Don't select this service if it's important that your package gets delivered within a week. Select UPS Ground instead.

UPS Ground available for all shipments

UPS Ground is available for all shipments and is highly reliable. Orders almost always get to their destination within 1-5 business days.

Why don't we have free shipping for all orders?

Our print prices are so low, we must add on our actual shipping costs.

Our price, including shipping, is still the lowest around—compare and see!

If we charged less for shipping, we'd have to raise print prices to make up for it, which could cost you more money:

Our way: Let's say a print currently costs $4 each, with an $11.95 shipping fee. You order 5 prints. Total cost for 5 prints=$4 x 5 = $20, +$11.95 = $31.95.

Some of our competitors: If we lowered our shipping charge to, say, $4.99, we'd have to raise the print price to $10 each to make up for it. Total cost for 5 prints=$10 x 5 = $50, +$11.95 = $61.95.

UPS Delivery Map

Here's an estimate of how long your shipment will take to arrive from our shop near Chicago, Illinois:

ups delivery map

UPS 2nd Day Air service

2 day service (weekdays), free tracking.

UPS 2nd Day Air is an option when you must have your work within two weekdays. Don't waste money on this service if the destination address is within the "1 day" or "2 day" zones on this map. Select UPS Ground instead, because your shipment will get there within 1 or 2 days anyway with UPS Ground.

International shipping

We ship anywhere! Just check out, select the ship-to country at checkout, and follow the instructions.

Production time

In most cases, your prints will be completed within two to three business days after we receive your order. Your prints need at least a day to dry before we ship them, to greatly reduce the likelihood of damage.

During busy times where production times are extended, we'll post a notice at the top of our home page that advises you of the current turnaround time.

screenshot of production time notice on home page


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