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See your print close up with the "Sharpness Checker"

Check out our video which shows how to ensure sharp prints with our Sharpness Checker:

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How to get sharp prints

When you print any image in a large format, as you make the print bigger and bigger, the image will look blurrier and blurrier when you view it close up. Our Sharpness Checker feature lets you see just how sharp or blurry your print will look like, so you can decide which is the best print size to pick.

In our awesomely-easy online ordering system, as soon as you upload a photo, you'll see the "Sharpness Checker" in the middle of the page. It shows you what a five-inch square section of your print will look like:

screenshot of our Sharpness Checker feature

You can use the black navigation arrows to move around your image. This lets you see an approximation of how sharp or blurry the print will look like when you view it close up.

Note: The Sharpness Checker lets you move around and see your entire original uploaded image. If your image is partially cropped in the online proof at the top of the page due to the paper size you selected, the Sharpness Checker will still show you all parts of your entire original uploaded image. The online proof at the top of the page is the accurate picture of what will finally be printed.

Limitation of our Sharpness Checker

We've worked hard to ensure the Sharpness Checker gives you a good idea of what your prints will look like up close. But, we can't guarantee that the image you see in the Sharpness Checker will exactly match the color and sharpness of the final print you receive, and we're not promising or warranting that the final print you receive will exactly match the characteristics of what's displayed on the Sharpness Checker.

We hope that the Sharpness Checker means that you'll be thrilled with what you get from us, without any unpleasant surprises when you open the box.

As always, please contact us with any questions.


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