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Quality certified

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Every print we make is produced to meet or exceed the absolute highest quality standards.

We use only the finest Canon printers, genuine Canon LUCIA PRO 11-color inks, and genuine paper by Canon, Hahnemühle, Moab, Canson, and other top-quality manufacturers.

All production is done on calibrated monitors. All printing is done using the latest, correct ICM profiles for the individual paper and printer. All inspection is done under D50 (5000°K), high color-rendering lighting.

Fun fact: Human skin never touches your work. The technician who prints, inspects, and ships your work always wears clean white cotton gloves, to ensure your print remains flawless.

image of gloved hand adjusting black and white print on rotary cutter

Print Certificate

You'll receive a Print Certificate with each job which shows an image of the print, when it was produced, the printer on which it was produced, and the genuine inks and paper used:

image of print certificate

Our seal of quality

We impress our corporate seal on every print certificate we create:

image of our corporate seal

It's there to show our promise to you that what you received is exactly what you ordered. It means we're willing to put our company reputation on the line as we stand behind what we sent you.

Note: We do not put our corporate seal (or any other mention of Indigo Image Lab) on drop shipped orders, so your customers won't know that we produced and shipped your work.


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