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Use PNG files instead of TIFF

Our ordering software only supports JPG and PNG files (not TIFF files). Can't save your image as a PNG? Convert it to RGB color. See below.

What's a PNG file?

PNG is a way to save your image with no reduction in quality at all—it is a lossless way of saving your files, just like TIFF. Images saved in PNG format retain exactly the same colors (up to 16-bit depth) and resolution as TIFF.

The advantage to PNG files is that they're smaller than TIFF files, and so they upload faster, saving you time:

304 MB71 MB
42 MB34 MB
73 MB56 MB

PNG requires RGB color

To save a file as PNG, your image must be in RGB color in your image editing program. If you're working in CMYK color, you won't see the option to save your image as a PNG, because PNG doesn't support CMYK color.

To fix this, switch the color mode in your image editing program from CMYK color to RGB color. This will not change the colors in your image in any way. In Photoshop, click on the "Image" menu at the top, then click "Mode", then select "RGB Color":

rgb color in photoshop

We recommend always using RGB color instead of CMYK color.

CMYK color should only be used when you're sending images to a traditional offset press that uses CMYK inks.

Our finest-quality printers use 11 different colors of pigment ink, and can produce a much, much wider range of colors than a traditional CMYK press. So, working in RGB color makes that much wider range of colors available to you in your image editing program and when you order prints from us.

Have questions? We want to help, so please contact us.

What about JPG files?

In virtually all cases, JPG files produce outstanding prints with razor-sharp detail, wide tonal range, and gorgeous, accurate color. Just be sure to save your JPG files as the highest possible quality!

However, if you feel more confident with a lossless, maximum quality image file for the highest possible print quality, save your images in .PNG format and upload those.


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