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Paper curl

Many of our papers have a curl to them, to varying degrees:

Illustration of paper curl among two papers and a canvas

Pictured above are two papers and a canvas. Canvas lays flat, and photo papers almost always have a curl.

Reasons for paper curl

All the paper we print on is received in rolls. Here's a photo of a 42" print roll inside one of our printers:

Picture of a 42-inch print roll in one of our printers

When the paper comes out, it usually has a curl to it, except for canvas.

In addition, many large prints we ship out are rolled in a sturdy box before they're shipped. (Otherwise, for large prints, the shipping cost would be very high.)

What you can do about paper curl

Paper curl doesn't matter if you're framing or mounting your print. But, if you want to attach your poster or print to a wall with double-sided tape, or hang it from a hanging strip, try the following:

Purchase a shipping tube from an office supply store. Wrap the curled print around the shipping tube the opposite way of the curl. Wrap some rubber bands around the rolled print to keep it in place. After 24 hours, take off the rubber bands and the print's curl should be mostly gone!


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