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How to order a wrapped canvas

Quick hints:

  • To order a wrapped canvas, click "Get started," then select an image to upload.
  • Click "frame" under the picture, then "Get a wrapped canvas."
  • Pick the canvas size you want. Change the left-hand number first.
  • Select whether you want a 3/4" deep or 1-1/2" deep canvas. Click the little "help" link to see a picture of both depths.
  • Click the "set canvas size..." button
  • Slide and zoom the image at the top until it's cropped and positioned the way you want.
  • Click "View 3D sample" at the top to see a 3D print proof, so you can see the sides of your canvas.
  • The canvas will have a mirrored edge by default. To change that, uncheck "mirrored edge" and pick a canvas edge color.
  • Click the print proof or the "View 3D sample" button at the top to see what the edges of your wrapped canvas will look like.
  • When done, click "Add to cart."

Video text

Hi, welcome to Indigo Image Lab, this is Neil, and I’m going to show you how to order a gorgeous wrapped canvas. Our canvases are the absolute finest. We use genuine, museum-quality Canon Artistic Matte or Satin canvas, 11 colors of genuine Canon LUCIA-PRO archival pigment inks, and we print your images on our color-calibrated equipment at high resolution, for beautiful results you’ll be proud to display or sell.

First, go to Indigo Image on any computer, tablet, or cell phone. Click “Get Started”, Start my Order, then select an image. You can drag-and-drop, or click the button.

Once the image uploads, you’ll be brought here. To get a wrapped canvas, click “frame”, then “Get a wrapped canvas”.

Our smart ordering system starts you out by picking a medium-sized canvas, which you can change. You can get your canvas in over 60 different sizes. To change the size, first change the left-hand measurement. When you change the left-hand measurement, the ordering system figures out what the other one should be for the least cropping. You can keep it, or change it to whatever size you want.

Then, pick the depth, or how thick the canvas is. Click “help” for more info. You can get a 1-½” or a ¾” inch deep canvas.

Once you click the button to set the size, use the cropping window to position the print the way you want. These numbers here show you the dimensions of the front of your canvas.

To see what the canvas looks like from the sides, click “View 3d sample,” or click the print proof area. Use your mouse or finger to see your canvas from all sides.

When you’re done, click “back to editing”.

The ordering system starts you out with a mirrored edge, which means the edge of the front of the canvas is mirrored onto the sides.

You can uncheck “mirrored edge” and pick any color for the edge that you like. You’ll see a palette of colors from the image that you can pick from, to make it easier to pick an edge color that looks good. Or, you can click the swatch and pick any color you want.

To see what the edge of the canvas looks like, click the print proof, or View 3D sample buttons.

Let’s change the canvas thickness to 1-½” and see what it looks like. Select the size you want, and change the depth.

You can change the canvas if you like, by clicking here. You can pick from matte canvas, which gives no reflections and photo-quality results, or satin canvas, which has a beautiful satiny sheen to it and gives a more artistic look. You can get more information about our canvases by scrolling down and clicking “Canvas information”

When your canvas looks good, click “add to cart” You can add another canvas to your cart, or you can check out.

If you have any questions, we want to help! Just scroll down on any page, then click “customer support”.

Thanks a lot for watching. We hope to print something gorgeous for you soon, at Indigo Image Lab!

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