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How to order an unframed print

Quick hints:

  • To order an unframed print that you'll frame or mount yourself, click "Get started," then select an image to upload.
  • Under the picture, click "Print size."
  • Select a custom print size at the top, or pick from the list below.
  • Click "paper/canvas" and select the paper.
  • Slide and zoom the image at the top until it's cropped and positioned the way you want.
  • Click "View 3D sample" at the top to see a 3D print proof.
  • Optional: Click "Border" under the print to add a border.
  • If you select one of the canvases under the "paper/canvas" selector, you can select "mirrored edge" for your unframed canvas print.
  • When done, click "Add to cart."

Video text

Hi, welcome to Indigo Image Lab. This is Neil, and I’m going to show you how to order an unframed print, in other words, just a print, with no frame, so you can frame it yourself.

All of our prints are giclee prints--the finest quality prints possible, on name-brand, archival papers and canvases, printed at high resolution using 11 colors of genuine LUCIA PRO pigment ink, for a lifetime of beauty.

To order a print, click “Get started” on any page, then “Start my order,” then select an image. You can drag and drop an image file here, or click the button.

Once the order uploads, you’ll be taken here. The first thing to do is choose the print size you want. For an unframed print, meaning you just get a print without any kind of frame, click “print size”.

Our smart ordering system offers you lots of different print sizes that minimize the cropping of your print. You can pick one of those sizes, or you can select any size up here in this area. The ordering system analyzes your image and does all the math for you. All you do is first pick the left-hand number. The system calculates the exact value of the other number for you to print your entire image with no cropping at all. You can leave that value, or change it to any dimension you want. When you’re done, click the “set print size” button.

Once you set your print size, you’ll see the dimensions here. If you need to slide the image to adjust its cropping, an arrow will display.

You can also zoom into your image and position it the way you want. Click the “zoom lock” and use the slider to zoom. Then, drag the image the way you want.

You’ll see a print proof here in this area. Click it, or click this button, to see a 3D sample of your print. Use your mouse or finger to move it around to check it. Then click “back to editing”.

You change the paper type here, by clicking paper/canvas. All of our premium papers are listed. Click the arrow on any paper to see a closeup of the paper’s surface. Click again to dismiss the picture. To select a paper, click on the paper’s name.

You can get a border on your print, and it can be any color you want. Click “print border”, and select the width of the border you want. We’ll explain this message in a minute. The smart ordering system shows you a palette of colors from your image, to make it easy to pick a border that looks good. Click on any color to select it, or click the swatch to select any color you want.

When you select a border, you can see what the print looks like here. Click it to see a print proof.

Here’s how borders work with unframed prints. If you select any paper except canvas, the print size stays the same, regardless of the border size you pick. So, if you pick a 8x10 print size, for example, you’ll get an 8x10 physical print whether you have no border or a wide border. This makes it easy to pick a print size for a print that you’ll frame yourself. Just pick a print size that’s equal to the frame size you’re going to use, and your print will fit, regardless of the border you select.

Something to be aware of with this, is for prints that are not square and are smaller in size, as you increase the border thickness, the proportion of the image in the print will change.

Here’s what we mean. If you would order a 12x8 print with a 1” border, the image size inside the border has to be 10x6. 12 minus 1 minus 1 is 10, and 8 minus 1 minus 1 is 6. This means the image width is 1.6 times its height.

But if you were to increase the border to 2.5 inches, now the image has to be 7x3 in order for it to fit correctly. This means the image width is 2.3 times its height.

You don’t have to worry about doing any calculations; our ordering system does all the math and the cropping for you. But we wanted you to know why the cropping window’s proportions might change as you increase the border size. A message will appear about all this if it applies to any significant extent to what you’re ordering. Just slide the image the way you like, and check the online proof to be sure everything looks the way you want.

All of the above applied if you select any paper except canvas.

If you select one of our canvases, the borders work differently. Selecting a canvas will result in the ordering system increasing the physical print size by the amount of the border. This is because we’re assuming that you’re going to stretch your loose canvas around a frame that’s the size of the print size you select. Let’s say, for example, that you order an 8x10 canvas. This almost certainly means that you’re going to produce a canvas yourself that’s 8x10 on the front, and the border is what’s wrapped around the side. So, you need a physical canvas that’s larger than 8x10, so you have something to wrap around the side and back of the stretcher bars. In this case, if you order an 8x10 print, and specify a 2” border, you’ll get a print that is 12x14. Again, this applies only to our canvases. You’ll see a note, here, that tells you the details of your print, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

When you select an unframed canvas, you’ll see an option for a mirrored edge. Check it to get a mirrored edge border, or uncheck it to get a border of any color you want.

Whenever you’re ordering an unframed, loose print, don’t select anything under this option; leave it as “no frame (print only)."

When you’re done, click “Add to cart”. You can add another print, or you can check out.

If you have any questions, just click “help” at the top, or click here and we’ll answer questions about the order in your cart before you send it to us.

Thanks a lot for watching. We hope to send you something gorgeous soon, from Indigo Image Lab.

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