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If your order was never received

First thing: There are sometimes delivery delays, where it will take an extra day or two to reach you. If you track your order on the UPS web site and it shows it wasn't delivered, even though it's been 2 or 3 days already, give it another day or so.

If you didn't get your order, but the UPS tracking system shows that it was delivered, do the following:

  1. Look around your property. Check the back porch, the bushes, the side of the house. A driver may have tried to hide or protect your package.
  2. Check with your neighbors. The driver may have left it with a neighbor and neither the driver nor your neighbor told you.
  3. Contact your local post office and tell them what happened. Maybe the driver delivered it to the wrong address.
  4. Wait another business day. Sometimes the driver accidentally scans the wrong package as delivered when it's still in the truck or at the distribution center. This has personally happened to (and very much upset) the owner of Indigo Image Lab. The "lost" package was delivered the next day.

Suggestions for your next order

Not getting a delivery you paid for and that shows "delivered" is a frustrating, upsetting experience. Be sure to contact us and tell us what happened.

Although we cannot redo or refund any job that shows "delivered," we'll be happy to ship all future orders to you with a signature required at no additional charge.

Here's what you might do with future orders:

  1. Contact us and request that all orders be shipped with "signature required."
  2. Consider having your order shipped to a more secure area, like your workplace, or a friend, family member, or neighbor who's likely to be home during the day.
  3. If you regularly receive orders, you could go to a local shipping services store that has mailboxes, and rent a mailbox. This way, someone would always be able to securely receive your shipments during the day. This does involve an expense, but if you receive lots of shipments, the peace of mind might be worth the money.

We're very sorry you didn't get your order. We invite you to try the above suggestions in the future.


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