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How to order a framed print

Quick hints:

  • To order a framed print, click "Get started," then select an image to upload.
  • Under the picture, click "Frame," then "Get a framed print."
  • Pick the frame and size you want.
  • Optional: Click "Border" under the print to add a border.
  • Slide and zoom the image at the top until it's cropped and positioned the way you want.
  • Click "View 3D sample" at the top to see a 3D print proof.
  • When done, click "Add to cart."

Video text

Hi, welcome to Indigo Image Lab, this is Neil, and I’m going to show you how to order a ready-to-hang framed print. All of our prints are of the highest quality and the highest resolution, using premium archival photo or fine art papers and genuine Canon Lucia PRO pigment inks, for decades of fade-resistant beauty.

First, on any page, click “get started”, then start my order, then select an image. You can drag and drop an image here, or click the button. Once your image uploads, you’ll be taken to the editing window.

Click “Frame”, then “Get a framed print”. Click on a frame that you like at the top. To see a close-up of what the frame looks like, click on the arrows. Then, pick a size.

The arrow indicates that you can slide the image to position it the way you want. Here’s a print proof of what your framed print will look like. Click it, or click this button, to see it in 3D. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, or if you’re on a phone or tablet, pinch to zoom.

You can get a free border of any color you want on your print. To get a border, click “print border” and pick a border width. We’ll talk about this message in a minute. Our smart ordering system shows you a palette of colors from your image, to make it easy to select a color that looks good. Click on any of the colors, or click the swatch, to select any color you want.

At any time, click on the print preview to see what your print will look like in 3D.

When getting a framed print, don’t select anything under “print size”. The print size is set for you automatically when you select a frame. Frames are only available at the sizes shown when you select a frame. If you change the print size here, the frame will be removed and you’ll get an unframed print.

Here’s how borders work with framed prints. If you select a border, the framed print stays the same size, regardless of how wide the border is. The ordering system does all the math, and reduces the image’s size and cropping to correctly accommodate the border.

Check the 3D print proof one last time, and if everything looks good, click “add to cart.” You can then add another product to your cart, or you can check out. Thanks a lot for watching our video. We hope to send you something gorgeous soon, from Indigo Image Lab!

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