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If your order arrives damaged

Here's what to do if your order arrives damaged:

  1. First, before you open the box or package, take a few clear pictures of the damaged box or package. We need these pictures in order to file an insurance claim.
  2. Please do not throw out the damaged box or package. A postal inspector might want to see the damage in order to pay the insurance claim.
  3. (If it's clear and obvious that your prints were damaged, skip this step.) If you're not sure if your prints were damaged, open the box, remove your prints, and inspect them.
  4. If your prints were damaged, reply to the shipment email we sent you a few days ago (the one that said that your order was shipped). In your reply, tell us what happened. Please attach the pictures of the damage as an attachment.
  5. We'll get back to you very soon. Of course, we will re-print and re-ship your damaged order at no charge.
  6. When the damage claim is paid by USPS, we'll let you know so you can discard the box.


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