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How to order an unframed canvas

Quick hints:

  • To order an unframed canvas that you will stretch yourself, click "Get started," then select an image to upload.
  • Under the picture, click "Print size."
  • Select a custom print size at the top, or pick from the list below, that corresponds to the size that you want the front of your canvas to be
  • Click "paper/canvas" and select either Canon Artistic Matte Canvas or Canon Artistic Satin Canvas.
  • Slide and zoom the image at the top until it's cropped and positioned the way you want.
  • Click "View 3D sample" at the top to see a 3D print proof.
  • Click "Border" under the print to add a border of at least 1-1/2"
  • Select either "mirrored edge" or uncheck "mirrored edge" to select a border color. The border will be the eventual edge of your canvas.
  • When done, click "Add to cart."

Video text

Hi, welcome to Indigo Image Lab, this is Neil, and I’m going to show you how to order an unframed canvas that you’ll wrap and frame yourself. All of our canvases are the finest quality, printed at high resolution on archival, museum-quality canvases with 11 colors of genuine Lucia Pro pigment ink, for a lifetime of beauty.

First, visit and click “Get started” on any page. Then click “Start my order”. You can drag and drop an image here, or click the button to select an image.

Once the image uploads, you’ll be taken here. The first thing to do is figure out what are the dimensions you want for the finished front of your canvas. Let’s say you want your canvas to be 8x10. Click the print size selector and select a size here that is the same as the size that you want for the front of your canvas. I’m going to pick 8x10.

Then, the arrow will show you if you might have to slide your image to crop it the way you want for the size you selected.

Leave the “frame” selector alone, as you’re getting a print only.

Then, under paper/canvas, select one of our two premium, museum-quality canvases, the Canon Artistic Matte Canvas or the Canon Artistic Satin canvas. Both of these canvases are 100% poly-cotton archival canvases with no optical brightener, so they’ll never yellow or get dull over time.

The Canon Artistic Matte Canvas shows no reflections of any kind, for photo-quality results. The Canon Artistic Satin Canvas has a satiny sheen to it that reflects light a little. Both produce gorgeous results; which one you pick is entirely your artistic choice.

Assuming that you’re going to wrap the canvas around stretcher bars, the next step is to select a border size. We recommend at least 1-½” to 2”, so you have enough material to wrap around the stretcher bars and staple it to the back.

In our ordering system, when you select an unframed canvas, the border size is added to the print. So, for example, if you would select an 8x10 print with a 2” border, you’ll get a canvas that measures 12x14.

We want to say now that at any time during the ordering process, you can click the “View 3D sample” button or the print proof, to see a 3D image of what your print will look like. Use your mouse or finger to move the 3D image around. Use your mouse wheel or pinch-and-zoom to zoom in and out of the 3D view.

Okay, back to the border. Once you select a bord er size, you can select what the border looks like. Leave the “mirrored edge” checkbox checked if you want the sides of your canvas to match the edges of the front of your canvas. This is a popular choice that almost always looks great. Here’s what a mirrored edge canvas looks like with a 2” border. The 2 inches of the border matches, or mirrors, the edges of what will be the front of the canvas. When you get the canvas, you’ll see guide lines at the edge of the canvas to show you where to wrap it around the stretcher bars. Here’s another example of what a finished mirrored edge looks like after you finish wrapping it around the stretcher bars.

You don’t need to get a mirrored edge. You can uncheck the mirrored edge checkbox to get a canvas edge of any color you want. Our smart ordering system shows you a palette of colors from your image, to make it easy for you to pick a color that looks good. Or, click on the swatch to select any color you like. The color you pick for the border will be what the edge of your canvas will look like once you finish stretching it. Here’s another example of what a finished colored edge looks like.

When the proof looks good, double-check here that the print size is what you want, and click “Add to cart”. You can add another product to your cart now, or you can check out. If you have any questions, we really do want to help. Just scroll down and click “Customer support”, send us a message, and we’ll get right back to you. Thanks a lot for watching, we’re looking forward to sending you the most beautiful canvases you’ve ever seen, from Indigo Image Lab.

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