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Multi-invoice paying

In order for the features described on this page to work, you must be logged in.

If you place multiple drop-shipped orders through us, this feature can save you lots of time.

In case you didn't know, we offer drop shipping, where we will ship your order directly to your customer at no extra charge. More info.

Each drop shipped order has to be placed separately. If you have multiple drop-shipped orders, this means that you have to put in your credit/debit card numbers over and over again, which can be time consuming.

There's a way to pay for multiple drop-shipped orders at once, if you like. Here's how:

Step 1: put through unpaid orders

Let's say you want us to drop ship the same print to five different people.

For the first customer, put through the order, and check out, checking the "drop ship my order" checkbox, and filling in your customer's address.

Scroll down below the payment buttons to the line that says "Click here to submit job without payment":

text link that says click here to submit job without payment

Click "SUBMIT job" on the next dialog box. The order will be submitted without payment.

Place another drop-shipped order for the next customer, and submit that without payment, too. Continue this until you've placed all your orders.

Step 2: pay all invoices at once

Make sure you're logged in to your account.

At the top, click "Pay invoices."

Select the invoices you want to pay:
screenshot of multi-pay screen

Then, click "Next step" at the bottom.

You'll see the payment screen:
screenshot of multi-pay screen with paypal buttons

Click one of the PayPal buttons to pay. When payment is submitted, you'll get a confirmation email, and all of the unpaid invoices will be marked as paid, produced, and shipped. You'll get a separate shipping email when each order ships.


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