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Indigo Image Protect

We take extensive measures to ensure that nobody but you and us can gain access to your valuable original uploaded images.

Submitting an order

When you submit an order, the following happens:

  • Your original high-resolution images associated with the order are moved from our web server to a secure private server that is not accessible to the public.
  • Your original images are permanently deleted from our web server.
  • Indigo Image Lab is now the only entity that has access to your original images.
  • Your low-resolution thumbnails remain stored and available on our web server. They must remain publicly available in order for you to view your orders, reorder jobs, and see thumbnails of your images within the order confirmation emails we send you. These low-resolution thumbnail images are not published or available to the public anywhere on the site. They all have a unique name that's extremely difficult to guess and that isn't related to the original name of the uploaded file.

Deleting your original image

To delete your original image and all associated images (thumbnails, etc.), add it to your cart as a product, and then delete that item from your cart. Deleting an item from your cart permanently deletes any and all images associated with that item.

Stale images

Periodically we perform maintenance on our web server, and we delete images that have been uploaded, have never been ordered, and are at least six months old.

So, if you neither delete an item from your cart nor place an order, your original images will eventually be deleted.

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