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If you sell your work to the public, you can make more money by having us ship your prints directly to your customer. This is called drop shipping.

You can make more money because you don't have to pay us to ship your work to you, and then pay again to ship it to your customer.

With drop shipping, you no longer have to tie up your money in an inventory of your work at your location. When a customer orders one of your prints, you order it from us and have us drop ship it directly to your customer. Bonus: Your customer gets the print faster, too!

There is no additional cost to have your work drop shipped. We'll even insert your literature in your shipment, for free! Just send your literature to us.

Important notes about drop shipping

  • Your customer will not receive an order confirmation email from us; only you will. (You never enter your customer's email or phone number, only their address.)
  • Your customer will not receive a shipment confirmation email with tracking number; only you will.
  • If you choose to notify your customer when the order was shipped, if you tell them the tracking number, they will know it was shipped from Lockport, IL.
  • The packing slip and print certificates inside the shipment will have your address on it, not ours. Nothing in the box will reveal that we produced and shipped your job.
  • Each drop-shipped customer order must be on a separate order, paid separately. You cannot combine items that are drop shipped to multiple customers on one order.
  • Volume discounts are available if you ship more than one print of the same image at the same size on the same paper to the same customer. For example, you get a discount if you drop ship 10 copies of the same exact item to the same customer.
  • Volume discounts are not available if you ship the same exact prints to different customers. For example, if you ship one copy of the same exact print to ten different customers, you pay the regular price for each of those ten different drop shipped orders. Tip: If you sell a lot of a particular print, it may pay you to order quantities from us and get a big discount, and keep that inventory at your location.

How to drop ship an order

In order to drop ship an order, you must be logged in. Simply create a secure account to get started.

First, add an item to your shopping cart and click "Check out." Then follow these steps:

Drop Shipping option during checkout
Drop Shipping order review screenshot



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