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Image trimming information

Here's the TL;DR:

  • You will receive the paper size you ordered, but up to 1/8" of the edge of your image will not appear.
  • When sending us an image to print, make sure that nothing important is in the "trimming zone" of up to 1/8" from the edge of the image (shown below in red).
  • Illustration of the trimming zone on photos

Why are the very edges of my images not printed?

Let's say that you took this picture of the Arkansas State Capitol, and you want us to print it. Do you see a problem with the photo?

Picture of the Arkansas State Capitol

Notice the very top of the building: it's right on the edge of the picture. This presents any printer with a problem:

Picture of the top of the Arkansas State Capitol

When any printing company prints something that's going to extend to the edge of the page, they print it on a piece of paper that's larger than the final print size, and then trim it down to the final print size.

This requires them to print the picture a little bigger than the print size (maybe by about 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch), and then trim it down to size.

The result of this would cause a problem with the above image: after trimming, here's what the top of the picture would probably look like. Uh-oh! The top of the building is cut off:

Picture of the top of the Arkansas State Capitol after trimming

There's no way to avoid approximately 1/16" to 1/8" of the edges of your print being trimmed off (unless you order a print with a border).

This doesn't mean that your printed page will be 1/8" smaller than the print size you asked for; it means that a thin border of the edge of your print won't be printed.

How to avoid cropping and trimming issues

Always make sure there's nothing important in the 1/8" border on the edge of images you want printed.

Here would have been a better image to send to us. Notice that there's plenty of room along the top edge for trimming:

Picture of the top of the Arkansas State Capitol after trimming

(The very bottom right of the building may be cut off a little after printing, but that's not nearly as visually significant as cutting off the top of the Capitol dome.)

Just keep in mind that a thin border of your image will be trimmed off when printing, and you'll be happy with what you get from us!


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