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Our production breaks

Here's the break schedule for 2022. We're not accepting orders on dates that are marked with gray:

2022 break calendar

Here is the current production break message:

Things to know

  1. We never delay any paid order due to a break. If you order something and pay, we will always print it and ship it as usual, even if you paid for it just before a break begins. We always print and ship all paid jobs before we actually shut down production.

    Example: You order prints on a Tuesday night, submit the order, and pay for it. Our site says that a break begins the next day, on Wednesday. We will still print and ship your order, even though we're "on break." You will still get shipping emails with tracking numbers when we ship your job, even though we're "on break" and our site isn't accepting paid orders.
  2. When a break begins, our web site will not accept paid orders. We do this so you never are put in the situation where you pay for something and have to wait until after a break to get it.
  3. During a break, you may still upload items to your cart; they will not disappear. Items in your cart stay there for 90 days.
  4. When the break is over, you may check out and pay for your accumulated orders.
  5. We will always notify you via a message at the top of our website pages well in advance of any breaks.

What can I do?

We recommend pre-ordering quantities of prints you believe you might need quickly during our break. Good news: you get volume discounts for quantities of prints!

During the break, you can still upload images and add items to your cart. Get everything ready to order in your cart, so when the break is over, you can check out and submit the order right away.

Why do you take breaks?

In exchange for their tireless and amazing work, we allow our team these times to achieve a balance between their work and personal lives.

We're still here to help

During a production break, we're available to answer your questions.

Thank you

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we're on a break. We understand that our break might result in inconvenience to you, and for this we apologize. You can be assured: when we come back, we'll continue to provide the same oustanding customer service and the most gorgeous prints in the world at amazingly low prices. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll help you right away.


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