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Valid formats: jpg/png up to 500MB. Have a TIFF file? Convert it to PNG and upload that; here's more info on TIFFs. Have multiple images? Start with one and then add the others next.

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At first, keep "No image rotation" selected—it almost always works. Only select a different option if the image isn't rotated correctly after you upload it, and you have to come back here to upload it again.

Note 1: You must own the copyright of any image you print, or have permission from the copyright owner to print it. Note 2: Files larger than 500MB? Send them to us like this. Note 3: There is a 30 minute limit to how long the upload can take.


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Do you want satin photo paper? Peel-and-stick paper? Fine art paper? Check the "paper/canvas" selector under the image, below, and be sure the paper you want is selected. Stop showing this message
Note: Actual product may vary slightly from 3D viewer image.
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Here's what a 5"x5" section of your print will look like, so you can see if it's too blurry or pixelated when viewing it up close. Some blurriness is OK for larger print sizes, as they're viewed at a distance. (See note below.)
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5 inches diagram

This "sharpness checker" preview will show you all of your original image, but parts of your image that you see here may be cropped out and not print, depending on what paper size you select and how you crop it. The online proof and 3D Viewer at the top of the page show you what your final image will look like.
Room view

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