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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your turnaround time?

Most jobs are shipped within 1-3 days of order. Here's more shipping info. If there is a longer production time than 2-5 days, we'll notify you on a big message on our home page.

Can I get a border on my prints?

Sure, on everything but wrapped canvases. After you upload an image, you can select the border width and color you want. With a wrapped canvas, you can select either a mirrored edge or a colored edge of any color. You can select the edge type after you upload your image. Learn more about ordering borders.

How do I get a giclee canvas print? A giclee art print?

All of our prints are giclee prints—it doesn't matter if you order photo paper, canvas, fine art paper, peel and stick paper, or banners. Giclee (also spelled giclée) means a very high resolution inkjet print with archival pigment ink for generations of beauty. Learn more about giclée.

Can you print custom sizes?

Absolutely! To print a custom size, upload a photo. Then select "print size" below the online proof. Use the dropdown pickers to select the size you want. There are hints and info on the screen to help you.

What sizes can you print?

We can print from 4"x4" up to 40"x120".

How can I get an online proof before printing?

Our ordering system shows you a proof of exactly what will print before you have to enter any personal information, for a great ordering experience. Try it out now!

What kind of files do you accept?

.JPG, .TIF, and .PNG files up to 500MB. Make sure all of your files are flattened and there's no transparency or embedded fonts.

What resolution file do you need? How big should the file be?

Here's the rule: Always send us the biggest version of an original image. Please don't send us files that have been texted to you or that you've downloaded from social media. Always send us the original, big image file that you took from your camera or phone.

Here's more information about resolution and getting a sharp print.

My files are larger than 500 MB. What can I do?

Here's how to send us files larger than 500MB.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Absolutely! Just order more than one of any item and watch the discounts add up. Discounts are automatically calculated when ordering more than one of the exact same item (same size, same paper or canvas). If you have a large number of different images to order, contact us and you'll get a great discount package.

Can I talk to you about an order before I pay for it?

Sure! Just add the print to your cart the way that makes sense to you, but don't pay for it. Then click on "Do you have a question before you order?" on the Order Summary page. Follow the instructions that appear, and send us your message. We'll get back to you quickly. Don't worry, your job will stay in your cart on that computer or device and you'll be able to proceed and place your order after we communicate.

How much is shipping?

When you check out, the ordering system will offer you a choice of USPS First Class Package in addition to UPS Ground if the order is light enough (usually it is for a smaller quantity of smaller prints). If this is the case, you can choose between USPS First Class Package and UPS Ground.

Note: USPS does not guarantee delivery times. Package delays are common. If you have an order that needs to get there on time, we recommend you select UPS Ground.

If the order is too heavy to ship USPS, it will ship UPS Ground. You have the option of choosing UPS 2nd Day Air, for delivery within 2 weekdays, for an additional charge. All orders have a tracking number. More shipping info.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Just enter your items, check out, and select the ship-to country on the checkout page. Then, choose from which USPS international service you want, and continue the checkout process.

How can I get your app?

You're already using it! Our site is both a web site and an app. To add it as an app icon so it launches instantly, just like a native app, do this: Select "add to home screen" in your browser's menu. (It varies by phone. Open bookmarks and click "add to home screen," or click on the browser's menu and click "add to home screen.")

What happens to my image's filename when I upload it?

The name of the image file on your computer, tablet, or phone is discarded when it's uploaded. We do this to keep your account and our website secure. We assign your image file our own internal name which you will never see. This is to keep your image itself private and secure.

When I upload my file, it's rotated wrong. What can I do?

Click "Get started" again and select the file. Scroll down a little and you'll see a link called "View upload options." Click it, and select a rotation option, and upload the image again. It should look OK. If not, please contact us and we'll help you.

How long will my prints last? Will they fade?

Canon LUCIA PRO pigment ink has been tested to last up to 70-80 years or more without any noticeable fading, when displayed under glass. If you want your prints to retain their just-printed vivid beauty over many decades, we recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight.

Do you color-correct or adjust what I upload?

If obviously needed, we make minor adjustments to your image so it looks good on our printers. For example, we may adjust the white balance so things that should obviously be gray or white (like clouds) don't have an unnatural color cast. Or, for another example, if an image of a cityscape has very dark shadow areas that are hiding details, we may bring the shadows up a little bit so they'll show up on the print.

We will not make big changes to your image without contacting you. If we see something about your image that might result in an undesirable print, we'll contact you before we print it.

Obviously artistic images, such as images with deliberately unusual color, or (for example) intentionally high-key or low-key black and white images, will not be changed at all. Again, we'll contact you first before printing your work if there are any questions. Also, you are very welcome to contact us before submitting a job.

Why do prints smaller than 8"x10" cost the same as an 8"x10"?

When we produce a print, the printer uses at least 8" of paper in length and 17" in width. So, the price for an 8"x10" is the minimum price we charge, even for prints down to 4"x4".

Do you apply a coating to your canvas prints?

No. Our canvases are 100% acid-free and will not yellow over time, so they do not need a UV coating. They will withstand handling and gentle dusting without a coating.

Can you do "deckled edges," or a rough-torn look to the edge of my prints?

Yes we can, for most papers except canvas, banners, and peel-&-stick fabric. Please tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you out.

I need to cancel my order!

Please contact us immediately. If we have started producing your work, which may happen within minutes of receiving your order, we cannot cancel your order.

Can you send me print samples?

We sure can!

Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere. Tell us what you need and we'll work with you. When we know what we're printing and where we're sending it, we'll tell you what the shipping cost will be.

How do I submit a tax exempt order?

If you live in Illinois and are registered as a retailer or a reseller, in the PO Number field during the checkout process, enter the word EXEMPT, then a slash, then your Illinois Account ID or Resale Number after the slash as you check out:

tax exempt field

On the final page that appears when you click "Review & pay", you will see that the tax amount is zero. If you have a PO number also, you can enter another slash after your Illinois ID number and add your PO number. For example: EXEMPT/1234-5678/PO#123456.

Note: You must also send us a signed, completed Illinois form CRT-61. We must have that form before we can process a tax-exempt order.

Can I pay by check?

Yes. After you add everything you want to your cart, leave your cart as it is and contact us. We'll tell you what to do. For subsequent check payments, you don't need to contact us. Note: We will hold all checks for up to ten business days before starting work on your job.

Can I get faster shipping?

Yes you can! Just select UPS 2nd Day Air (delivery within 2 weekdays), during checkout.

Do you collect sales tax?

Not unless the print is shipped to Illinois. If the print is shipped to Illinois, we collect 8% sales tax. There's no tax for shipments to all other states except Illinois. This can change at any time depending on the amount of business we transact with residents of different states.

What's your refund and reprint policy?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, subject to restrictions. Learn more.

How long will it take to get my print?

About a week to ten days, usually. We normally have a 2-3 day production time, then add 2-5 weekdays for UPS Ground shipping.

We believe in open communication and doing our best to prevent unwelcome surprises for you, our wonderful customer. If it's a busy time, we'll let you know about any adjusted production time via a red notice at the top of our home page:

screenshot of production time notice on home page

Can I sign up for an account?

Right here! To protect you (and us) from nasty, rotten, sneaky, cowardly hacker criminals who'd get joy and satisfaction from hijacking your email address on our site, you must validate your account by clicking on an email we send you as soon as you sign up.

What happens if I order things without signing up for an account, and then sign up for an account? Can I access and reorder those earlier jobs?

Yep! When you sign up for a new, secure account, you must validate that it's you by responding to an email we send you. Once you do that, our system will automatically add all the jobs we've ever received under that email address into your account.

Will you store my images? For how long? Is there a charge?

We store all of your images and orders for free on a secure, private server for at least 3 years after you last order a print from us. You must sign up for an account to get this free image and order storage. This makes it super-easy to drop ship orders to your customer, and reorder prints in a few clicks!

Where can I get a promotional code? When are you having a sale?

We're always working to meet or beat our competitor's prices while offering you the absolute finest quality prints and outstanding customer service.

Can you drop ship my work to my customer?

Absolutely, and at no additional charge! Here's more info on drop shipping.

Do any of the products you sell require a California Proposition 65 warning?

No. None of our inks or papers contain chemicals on the California Proposition 65 warning list. If you have more questions, please contact us!

Is your checkout secure? Your web site?

All payments made on our site are entirely processed by PayPal; we never see your payment details. Also, our web site has been engineered to be highly secure.



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