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Eight questions to ask your fine art printing company

Ask your printer these eight questions. If you don't get satisfactory answers, you'll probably find that our quality is better and our prices are lower.

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What kind of paper do you use?

artistic satin canvas of a train
We use all name-brand, top-quality media, like Canon Artistic Satin Canvas.

Your printer should be able to tell you the exact brands of paper and canvas they use, along with their characteristics.

If they say something vague, like “fine art paper”, the question is, which brand? Is it acid-free and archival? In other words, will the paper stay white over the decades and not turn yellow?

We use only acid-free, archival papers and canvases by Canon, Hahnemuhle, Canson, and Moab.

Our fine art papers are all 100% cotton rag or 100% alpha-cellulose, and our canvases are all 100% poly-cotton with no optical brighteners.

This means that the papers and canvases you receive from us will not turn yellow over the decades. Here's more info on our papers, with a 4K video.

What kind of inks do you use?

picture of 3 boxes of ink
We use only genuine Canon Lucia Pro pigment inks for our prints, for a very wide tonal range and color gamut.

Your printer should be able to tell you the brand, fade-resistance, and colors of ink used in your prints.

We use 11 different colors of 100% genuine Canon LuciaPro pigment inks for all prints.

The colors are cyan, photo cyan, magenta, photo magenta, yellow, red, blue, photo gray, gray, matte black, and photo black.

This wide color palette results in absolutely true color prints of your images. Black and white and color prints will have a breathtaking tonal range with no visible banding or dots.

Because they are all genuine pigment inks, they are highly resistant to fading, meaning your prints will stay beautifully true to color for a lifetime.

Is your workflow fully color-managed?

screenshot of Photoshop dialog box
We use a fully color-managed workflow, with the proper .ICC files and hardware-calibrated monitors.

We certify that our entire print process, from receiving your images to final inspection, is fully color managed.

All of our monitors are hardware calibrated, and all prints are produced with the proper color profiles to ensure that colors print exactly the way they should.

We offer downloads of .ICC profiles of all of our papers. Download those profiles and install them into your image editing program, so you can see exactly what your prints will look like when they come out of our printers.


What’s your guarantee? Do you offer refunds?

screenshot of satisfaction guarantee page
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee link at the bottom of most pages on our site. If you're not happy, we'll fix it or give you your money back. (Restrictions apply.)

Your printer should have a satisfaction and refund policy clearly stated.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is right on our home page, and it’s simple.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, let us know. We’ll either fix it and reship the item to you for free, or we’ll give you a full refund, subject to a few restrictions.

Here's more information about our guarantee.


What exactly do you do with the images I upload?

your original images are stored securely and privately
Your original uploaded images are stored on a secure private server that is not accessible to the public.

Your work is valuable to you, and you have a right to know exactly what happens to your image files when you upload them.

When you upload an image to us, that original image is stored on a secure, private server that is not accessible to the public. We’re the only ones with access to it.

We make low-resolution copies of your original image so you can use our ordering system.

These low resolution copies, which are never more than 800 pixels in dimension, are stored under unpublished random filenames that are not visible to search engines.

Also, when you delete an item from your cart, we delete everything related to it, including the original high-resolution image, and all low-resolution copies of that image.

We treat your work and your information with the strictest privacy and confidentiality.

We never share, sell, give, post, transmit, or otherwise divulge, using any means, any of your images or your information to anyone else.

Can you drop-ship my work?

we can drop ship your work directly to your customer
We will drop-ship your order directly to your customer at no additional charge. We'll even include your literature, for free!

Drop shipping work saves professional artists and photographers lots of money, and it gets their work to their customers much faster.

Drop shipping means that you place an order with us, and give us the address to ship it to. We produce the order and ship it directly to your customer, with your return address and your information in the shipment.

Our name does not exist anywhere in the shipment your customer receives.

We’ll even put your literature in your shipment, for free.

We offer this drop-shipping service at no additional charge. Here's how it works. As with all orders, you’ll receive a shipping email with a tracking number, so you’ll know when your customers get their orders.

Do you accept large image files?

If you want the sharpest, best possible printing results, the image file should be large. The larger the better.

We accept uploads up to 500 megabytes of .jpg, tiff, and .png files, and you can use outside services to send us even larger files, up to 2 gigabytes.

This makes it easy for artists and photographers to send us really high-resolution files that result in large-format prints that look beautifully sharp, even close up.

Can I get custom size prints?

we do custom size prints
You can get a print at any custom size from 8x8 inches to 40x120 inches, and any size in between.

One of the big reasons why people from all over the country trust us with their printing is our ability to produce prints from 8”x8” up to 40” x 120”, and at any size in between.

When you upload your image, our smart ordering system helps you choose a size that will minimize cropping, but you can choose any size you want.

When you choose a size, you can adjust the zoom and position of the image so you get exactly the print you want, at exactly the size you want.

What else should I know?

There are lots more reasons to order from us, like our awesome 3D-enabled ordering system, the ability to view and reprint any of your past orders, our fast turnaround times, our low prices, and lots more.

We invite you to try us out with an order today. We’ll make sure it looks beautiful before it ships out. It’s what we do with every order, every day, at Indigo Image Lab.

Have a question? Please allow us to help you.

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